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For years people have been asking us questions about the modeling business. These things are addressed in our training program and detailed in our book. We will periodically post excerpts from our book (which is a capsule version of the Mary Therese Friel, LLC training program.) Please join us! You can purchase a copy for yourself and follow along with us!

Chapter 1

Self Presentation

Stand up straight! This is very important to promote good posture and present a tall, proud image. It is more than just throwing your shoulders back (thus throwing your chest out). The MTF, LLC way is to "Roll it, Suck it, and Tuck it!"

To achieve this, roll your shoulders up to your ears (like a shrug,) push back and down. Suck your stomach in and tuck your butt under. Take a deep breath, exhale and relax, but keep your posture.


Chapter 2

Etiquette and Manners

You may have noticed that many of the most important lessons that we learned as children are still important today, such as saying: "Please" and "Thank You," or "Treat others as you want to be treated" as well as "Respect yourself and others."


Chapter 3

Hair and Makeup

Hair- Many people look upon their hair as their "crowning glory." The choices that you make regarding your hair will be very important ones. They will reflect your personality, sense of style, and how you feel about yourself.

Makeup- The choice of the right makeup and its correct application is important. Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty, draw attention to your best attributes and hide any flaws.


Chapter 4

Nutrition and Exercise

A daily program which includes a proper diet and exercise routine is important. You will look and feel great, mentally and physically. Start by choosing a realistic diet program and selecting an exercise regime that you like and one that will fit into your schedule.


Chapter 5

Print Modeling

Print modeling is the opportunity for a model to work with a photographer. The model must communicate by using a variety of poses and expressions. At MTF, LLC we start our models off by allowing them to choose their own poses from various magazines and catalogs. We suggest they clip them out and put them in a binder or folder. This is called a "pose book."


Chapter 6

Runway Modeling

Runway models mainly showcase their talent "live" and "on stage" in front of an audience. The best runway models act naturally, exude personality, confidence, style and move with grace and ease.


Chapter 7

Public Speaking

Public speaking is about communicating. Public speaking is a platform that allows you to communicate-expressing yourself and sharing your knowledge with others. The role of a public speaker is to educate, inform, enlighten, ignite, and excite!


Chapter 8

Television Commercials

TV commercials use actors, models, celebrities and real people to reach an audience. If you think this is something you would like to do then you will need to learn how to act. It may even be necessary to look the part as well to make it more believable. You may also need to draw from past experience when possible to make it more credible.


Chapter 9

Motion Pictures

Lights, Camera, Action! Can you see yourself on the big screen? This requires some serious acting! You will need to prepare a Monologue, do an Audition, and be ready for a Callback.


Chapter 10

The World of Modeling and You!

Our book, "You Can Be...The Model You!" is a capsule of the MTF, LLC training program. It focuses on both the importance of self development and the skills and techniques needed to be a professional model. The self development chapters encourage you to be a good person on the inside and look and act your best on the outside. The modeling chapters give you the information and instruction that you need to successfully pursue your dream of becoming a model / actor. It will take determination, a lot of hard work, practice, patience, and most of all, positive thinking!


Chapter 11

A Guide to Modeling

An aspiring model/actor needs to do their homework. First they must research their field of interest through books, articles, etc. Next they must come up with a game plan. To achieve their goal, they will need training, the "tools of the trade" and the opportunity. The "tools" include a portfolio, composite cards, a resume, contact sheets (or proofs,) tear sheets, a portfolio case, and a journal. Also, they'll need representation, through an agency or by themselves (freelance.)


Chapter 12

Self Representation

Modeling and acting are exciting, glamorous, satisfying and lucrative fields. Modeling and acting are often interchanged because of the skills that are needed and the things that they have in common. Both models and actors need to be smart, talented, persistent and loyal to their trade. They also must be honest, able and willing to go the distance).