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Goodwill Ambassador Activities  

The 2010 Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship Competition Winners

The Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship Competition, October 24th & 25th, 2009
The Goodwill Ambassador Sr., Tara Fuino (left) and The Goodwill Ambassador Jr. Tori Mason (right)

We salute James J. Ward for his generous, exceptional and enduring support of The Goodwill Ambassador program. Mr. Ward is pictured here with Mary Therese Friel, The Goodwill Ambassador Program Executive Director, at the Fourth of July Veterans Celebration at Frontier Field.


Tori Mason, The Goodwill Ambassador Jr. and Tara Funio, the Goodwill Ambassador Sr. along wit Dayna Fuino welcome guests to the Native American Music and Dance Festival at the Ganondagan State Historic Site, in Victor NY.

Tara Fuino, The Goodwill Ambassador Sr., accompanied by a group of models, greets guests at the Ad Council’s Annual Luncheon fundraising event.
Goodwill Ambassadors Tori Mason (Jr.) and Tara Fuino (Sr.) assist senior citizens at the annual Sunshine Luncheon hosted by St. Louis Church.  

The Goodwill Ambassador Apple Blossom Parade group (from left to right): George Sander (rear), Megan Dobesh, Tess Gilmore, Tara Fuino, Dayna Fuino (front), Tori Mason, Caitlin Keery and Judy Farrell.

Goodwill Ambassadors Tori Mason (Jr.) and Tara Fuino (Sr.) make a special appearance at the Apple Blossom Parade in Williamson, NY on Armed Forces Day.  
The Goodwill Ambassadors model in a fashion show at the Eastview Mall Genesee Valley Parent Magazine Camp Fair.

The Goodwill Ambassadors hosted and served dinner to Veterans at the American Legion.
Tori Mason and Tara Fuino with Bob Dominik, Commander of the American Legion Williamson Post 394.

Lorraine Mason, Mary Therese Friel and Kent Friel at the American Legion.
  The Goodwill Ambassadors and friends planted 100 evergreen trees on Earth Day to enhance the environment and offset their carbon footprint.

The Goodwill Ambassador winners and runners-up riding in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Rochester, NY.

Tara Fuino, The Goodwill Ambassador Sr. volunteers at The Lollypop Farm Telethon.

  Tori Mason, The Goodwill Ambassador Jr. raising funds for the Humane Society.
Mary Therese Friel interviewing Joanna Dychton from The Humane Society during the Telethon. Kailey Marshall, Megan Dobesh, Briar Bonadonna and Emma Sauer all volunteer their time to help out at the Lollypop Farm Telethon.

Goodwill Ambassador Coordinators, Jessica Prisk and Emily Hall keep everything running smooth! Kaitlin Keery and Dianna Powell-Keery help sell beanie babies for Lollypop Farm at the Telethon.

Lindsay Zelter, Briar Bonadonna and Jenelle Cichelli helping out at the “Lollypop Village” display during the Telethon at Eastview Mall. Goodwill Ambassadors Tara Fuino and Tori Mason host a bingo game for senior citizens at the Hilton East retirement community.
The Goodwill Ambassador Hilton East group (from left to right); Tara Fuino, Kent Friel, Lisa Fuino, Dayna Fuino, Mary Therese Friel, Tori Mason, Lorraine Mason. Mary Therese Friel, Lawrence Forte and Kent Friel at a Goodwill Ambassador fundraiser for Haitian Relief, organized by ETROF.

The Goodwill Ambassadors Tara Fuino (Sr.) and Tori Mason (jr.) with Kevin Doran from News 8 at the Foodlink “Food For Families” Food Drive. The Goodwill Ambassadors collected a large amount of food to donate to needy families through Foodlink through their Holiday Comfort Campaign!
Helping others makes you feel good! The Goodwill Ambassadors collected holiday greeting cards of hope and gratitude to deliver to the injured soldiers at area VA hospitals through their Holiday Comfort Campaign.
The Goodwill Ambassador’s collected new toys through their Holiday Comfort Campaign to donate to the Pirate Toy Fund. These toys are given to hospitalized children throughout the year. The Goodwill Ambassadors appeared on TV with Gary the Happy Pirate and Rebecca LeClair from News 10 at Wegmans.
The Goodwill Ambassador group rings bells for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign. Tara Fuino, The Goodwill Ambassador Sr.

Mary Therese Friel and Kent Friel, The Goodwill Ambassador Executive Directors.
Tori Mason, The Goodwill Ambassador Jr.  

George Sander and Judy Farrell “The Officials” The Goodwill Ambassadors created “The Friendship Tree” out of gingerbread and sweets and contributed it to the annual Sweet Creations event at the George Eastman House.
Peace, Love and Joy fly free on this pink feather tree created by The Goodwill Ambassadors and donated to the annual Festival of Trees event at the Granger Homestead, in Canandaigua NY.
The Goodwill Ambassadors decorated this “Glamorous” pumpkin and donated it to the Pumpkins on Parade Fundraiser to benefit the School of the Holy Childhood.

2009 Goodwill Ambassador Winners:

Jessica Van Houten (Jr.) and Mary Caitlin Maloney (Sr.)

1   1
The Goodwill Ambassadors Mary Caitlin Maloney (Sr.) and Jessica Van Houten (Jr.) selling t-shirts to raise money for the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm.
1   1
Former Miss USA, Mary Therese Friel announcing pledges on the air, during the Humane Society Telethon.
Staff members Emily Hall and Jessica Prisk taking pledges at the telethon.
1   1
Brad Eckert (GWA Jr. ’08) with his mom Theresa,
helping out.


Goodwill Ambassadors ringing their bells to raise funds for the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign. From left to right: Megan Osinski (Sr. ’08), Brad Eckert (Jr. ’08), Mary Caitlin Maloney (Sr.), Jessica Van Houten (Jr.) and Candace Kuykendall.

1   1

Goodwill Ambassadors Jessica Van Houten (Jr.), Mary Caitlin Maloney (Sr.) and Brad Eckert (Jr. '08),
donate toys that they collected, to the Pirate Toy fund.

Jessica Van Houten welcoming visitors to the Native American Music and Dance Festival at Ganondagan.

             Official Goodwill Ambassador Photo
              taken by photographer Jeff Palma.
The Goodwill Ambassadors entertained Veterans on the Fourth of July. Performances included patriotic poetry readings, singing, dancing, and live music by Sweet Baby James.
Mary Caitlin Maloney and Jessica Van Houten spread goodwill and cheer in the St. Patrick’s Day parade.
Jessica Van Houten assembled care packages, sending them to Soldiers serving abroad.

Hot meals and delicious deserts are served up with a smile for our Veterans by The Goodwill Ambassadors and Mary Therese and Kent Friel.

Goodwill Ambassadors Jessica Van Houten (Jr.) and Mary Caitlin Maloney (Sr.) donate food that they collected for Foodlink, helping families in need. Pictured with them above are Maureen McGuire and Scott Hetsko from News 8.
The Goodwill Ambassadors assisted senior citizens at the annual Sunshine Luncheon. Also helping out were Jessica’s mother and Mary Caitlin’s grandmother.
The Goodwill Ambassadors donated boxed meals to the Open Door Mission to help feed the homeless.
Jessica Van Houten, with a group of MTF models, welcomes guests to the Ad Council Annual Luncheon.
Mary Caitlin Maloney volunteering her time to inform the public about Foodlink, our community food cupboard.
The Goodwill Ambassadors collected and distributed holiday greeting cards to our Veterans, accompanied by “The Official” GWA/Chaperone, Judy Farrell.
The Goodwill Ambassadors assembled a colorful, tropical, flamingo laden Christmas tree and donated it to the Granger Homestead for the Festival of Trees.
Official Goodwill Ambassador Photo taken by
Photographer Carrie Matarese.

The Goodwill Ambassadors created the “Little Red Schoolhouse” out of gingerbread to donate to
the “Sweet Creations” event at the George Eastman House.

2008 Goodwill Ambassador Winners: Brad Eckert (Jr.) and Megan Osinski (Sr.).

Native American Music and Dance Festival
Brad & Megan Greeted & Assisted Guests
at the Ganondagan State Historic Site

Entertaining Veterans at the Canandaigua VA HospitalOn the Fourth of July

Sunshine Luncheon
Helping Area Nursing Home Residents Gather to
Share and Enjoy a Special Meal

St. Patrick’s Day Parade
Goodwill Ambassador Jr. Brad Eckert
Rides in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Open Door Mission
Delivering Food to Feed the Homeless

Foodlink Food for Families
Collecting & Donating Food to Foodlink,
Rochester’s Community Food Cupboard

Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester
Helping to Raise Funds & Awareness


Take Me Out To The Ball Game
The Goodwill Ambassadors Treated Veterans to a Red Wings Baseball Game

Earth Day
The Goodwill Ambassadors planted trees to enhance our environment and offset our carbon footprints

Journeys of Inspiration and
the American Cancer Society
Raising Funds to Help Cancer Survivors Climb
Kilimangaro in Kenya


Humane Society Telethon
Fundraising for Lollypop Farm at Eastview Mall

Serving Up Some Love
Preparing & Serving a Special Valentine’s Day Meal

Pirate Toy Fund
Donating Toys for Hospitalized Children


15 MTF, LLC Models and Goodwill Ambassadors performed for our veterans at the Canandaigua
VA Hospital. The Rochester Brass and Electric Band, under the direction of Joe Morganti, volunteered
their time and effort to the very sucessful event.

from left to right: Kent Friel, Jennifer Robb, Leah Brady, Maggie Martin, Christina Young,
Hope, Carrie Grande, Jessica Schlindwein, Lindsey Ellermeyer, Catherine DeAngelis,
Shannon Ellermeyer, Brittany Nims, Kathleen Burke, Zachary Wade, Krystina Geiger,
Kristi Olsen, Mary Therese Friel, Joe Morganti



Our Goodwill Ambassadors have been very busy this year.

They entertained the troops "Bob Hope Style" this summer on the 4th of July.

A few enjoyed the "Days of Old" at Walnut Hill, the world's most prestigious driving competition.

Our animal lovers have volunteered to help out the folks at the Humane Society at the Lollipop Farm.

Others welcomed visitors to our local county fair.

Things got exciting as the motorcycles revved up for "Operation Patriot".

Hundreds of t-shirts were collected for the veterans.

Mary Therese & Kent Friel entertained a group of mothers and daughters for a special evening entitled "You Can Be…"

Here our Goodwill Ambassador visits with one of Rochester's favorite mascots for the Red Wing Baseball Team. Catherine threw out the first ball.

Some of the Goodwill Ambassadors helped box up books for Kenya. Julia organized the event and the group was spotlighted on Channel 13's "Bright Spot".

Eight of Goodwill ambassadors and models helped out at the annual Ad Council Golf Tournament.

Here our Goodwill ambassador Chris, is helping out the Children's Institute in conjunction with the Rochester Ad Council. He along with eleven other models volunteered their time.

Halloween is always a fun time for the kids and seniors. Fun was had by all at the Woodside Manor Nursing Home especially by resident, Theresa Zubert.

It is important to contribute to one's community. That is how Goodwill Ambassador's Kellie and Todd feel. At a recent conference, they offered these thoughts.

"Life is what you make of it. Keep your eye on the prize." ~Kellie

"We have something to learn from everyone. Everyone and everything we come in contact with has something to contribute to our lives." ~Todd

Welcome to
The Al Sigl Center's

Marie Lopez (left) and Nicole Livingston (right) are seen here acting as hostesses, greeting the many visitors. Their warm smiles and cheerful attitudes made the day brighter.

The Goodwill Ambassadors gathered for the Annual Awards Ceremony.
Goodwill Ambassador Holland Gursslin poses with Mrs. Cowan's High School Class in Hilton. The students put on a wonderful fashion show.
JEM, Jessica, Ashley, and Julia helped out at the Mendon Fireman's Carnival Chicken BBQ.
It was great fun and delicious too!
Thanks to Bob Fedele from the Monroe County Information Office for these great pictures! Many thanks also to Robert Nolan for making it all happen! The Goodwill Ambassadors had the good fortune and honor of joining County Executive Jack Doyle for a spectacular Earth Day Celebration. We planted a beautiful Native Red Bud tree in Durand Eastman Park.
Thirty Goodwill ambassadors marched proudly in Rochester's Memorial Day Parade. What a fantastic tribute to our veterans! The GWA's were certainly in great company, and loved every minute of it!
The Goodwill Ambassadors had a wonderful time marching in the Lilac Festival Parade. It was beautiful! Dick Colacino's 1963 fire truck, brought in from Newark, was a big hit!
The troops were mobilized!
44 Goodwill Ambassadors from
Mary Therese Friel, LLC marched through 7 inches of wet snow, braved the winds and smiled all the way (as they picked ice out of their hair!) What a great day--what troopers these brave volunteers were!

And they weren't alone. Those are The Buffalo Soldiers leading the way. They are:
Bing C. Reaves Sr.
Richard T. Robinson
Arthur R. Jones
Jesse E. Stevens

representing Pennington-Moye post #9521 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States of America, Rochester NY.

We were thrilled to receive the award for
"Best New Unit" this year!

Thank you,
Tom Fitzpatrick, Chairman,
and the St. Patrick's Day Committee.

See you next year!
Mary Therese Friel, LLC / Rochester NY / Professional Models and Talent / Modeling Pageantry and Self Development Training