Mary Therese Friel, LLC / Rochester NY / Professional Models and Talent / Modeling Pageantry and Self Development Training

Mary Therese Friel' LLC / Rochester NY / Professional Models and Talent / Modeling, Pageantry and Self Development Training

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Mendon, NY 14506

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  Session 1

Self Development / Self Presentation
Making a good first impression and learning to be professional

  Session 2

Self Development / Etiquette and Manners
The proper way of doing things

  Session 3

Self Development / Hair and Makeup
Good grooming tips, what's right for you, your image

  Session 4

Self Development / Nutrition and Exercise
Good health tips, proper diet and exercise, going the distance

  Session 5

Modeling / Print Modeling
Poses and turns

  Session 6

Modeling / Runway Modeling
Fashion show preparation

  Session 7

Self Development & Modeling / Public Speaking
Communication skills

  Session 8

Modeling / Television Commercials
On-camera techniques

  Session 9

Modeling / Motion Pictures
How to audition

  Session 10

Modeling / The World of Modeling and You!

Sessions Required
Session Times

Ladies1 – 10

Gentlemen 1, 5 – 10


Men & Boys (all ages)
By Individual Appointment

2 – 3 Children & Preteens

3 – 4 Women (all ages)

4 – 5 Teens

Sessions meet every other
Saturday for one hour.

*There is a Special Program available for children under 6.
*Private Pageantry Instruction is also available.
*Please contact us for any additional information.